Let me introduce you to the babies of our clan – our 2 pet shih tzus!

The lighter one is Maxx. He just turned three 2 months ago. He is playful and loving—only to his owners! Maxx can be a bit of a snob and is totally high maintenance. He doesn’t eat from any other plate or food container. He wants you to feed him from your hand. He also only cuddles at night, when he is very sleepy. Nevertheless, he is completely behaved. He just sits and lounges in the house all day and goes out only on weekends. His favorite spot is Eastwood City in Libis.

The darker one is actually Maxx’ son- Joaquin! Joaquin is one year and 5 months. He is a voracious and ultra-playful dog – also a true blue alpha dog! Unlike his dad, Joaquin creates a lot of clutter in the house, tends to ransack the garbage bin, and is so hard to toilet train. However, Joaquin is very loyal and loving. he loves to cuddle and kiss. He is very affectionate.

These dogs are opposites in terms of behavior and demeanor. Yet, they are father and son. And we love them both! They are the loves of our family. And they know know that we love them so well! 🙂

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