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  1. Laguna
  2. Pangasinan
  3. Bulacan
  4. Negros Occidental
  5. Cavite
  6. Nueva Ecija
  7. Palawan
  8. Cebu
  9. Batangas
  10. Quezon




  1. Zamboange del Norte
  2. Maguindanao
  3. Masbate
  4. Surigao del Norte
  5. Agusan del Sur
  6. Surigao del Sur
  7. Misamis Occidental
  8. Mountain Province
  9. Biliran
  10. Lanao del Norte




  1. Bulacan
  2. Bataan
  3. Cavite
  4. Rizal
  5. Batanes
  6. Laguna
  7. Ilocos Norte
  8. Batangas
  9. Pampanga
  10. Isabela




  1. Sulu
  2. Tawi – Tawi
  3. Basilan
  4. Ifugao
  5. Maguindanao
  6. Lanao del Sur
  7. Agusan del Sur
  8. Western Samar
  9. Lanao del Norte
  10. Saranggani



At this point, let me share with you my very own chart of the best songs to come out of 2007. Since it is personalized, obviously, the chart is highly subjective. There was no intention from this writer to measure airplay spins per song or make a detailed inventory of albums sold and singles legally downloaded. Rather, I just compiled a list of songs that I really enjoyed listening to throughout the year.

When it comes to liking a song, the genre is always crucial. As in my previous lists, this chart will again be very heavy on rhythm and blues. However, unlike my previous yearend charts where hiphop and rap music are also largely favored, 2007 was more of a stalemate when it comes to the evolution of hiphop. Apart from strong CD’s by Kanye West (Graduation) and Common (Finding Forever), rap music is sadly on a decline in 2007. New material from Nelly, 50 Cent, and T.I. pale in comparison to their previous works, while other major rap artists will only be releasing new material by 2008.

R&B, on the other hand, is full of new talents. New female soul singers have emerged in the limelight and were given significant radio exposure such as Chrisette Michelle, Ledisi, and Keyshia Cole. Of course, Jill Scott, Fantasia, and Alicia Keys were still hot in r&b radio. Corinne Bailey Rae also continued her critical success that started in 2006. As for the males, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and John Legend were all successful in their sophomore efforts. Less stellar performers such as Tank, Marques Houston, and Sammie also contributed to the piano-laden ballads that saturated r&b radio. Moreover, blue-eyed soul (R&B music that is performed by non African-American performers fall into this category) was also well represented this year with the likes of Robin Thicke and AI 5 alumnus Elliott Yamin.


      Along with the Norweigan duo Stargate, Timbaland is perhaps the hottest producer of 2007. While his own album entitled Timbaland Presents Shock Value received mixed critical reviews, the CD yielded several notable radio hits.

Pop music, on the other hand, remained reliably entertaining for this year. Rihanna had the biggest hit of her career in 2007, Daughtry enjoyed massive radio airplay despite lukewarm reception from music critics. Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and Pink had successful albums this year, while mega-sellers like Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson all tanked with their 2007 outputs. On the other hand, pop ballads were still relatively hard-sells in radio, especially when it comes from maturing artists like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi. Thankfully, John Mayer and Michael Buble both bucked the trend.

The songs below made it to the list for a variety of reasons. A handful of the choices made it because this writer has a personal inclination for the discography of the singer. In some instances, the musical genre already does the trick. Still, other choices proved to be too ear-friendly for the writer to resist. Finally, some songs mirror very personal experiences in the life of this blogger through their all-too personal lyrics.

Enough of the long-winded introduction. Below are the most memorable songs of 2007 –at least from my own turf!







  1. Everything – Michael Buble (from the album Call Me Irresponsible)
  2. Hate That I Love You – Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo (from the album Good Girl Gone Bad)
  3. Go On Girl – Ne-Yo (from the album Because of You)
  4. Apologize – Timbaland feat. One Republic (from the album Timbaland Presents Shock Value)
  5. Wait For You – Elliott Yamin (from the album Elliott Yamin)
  6. Stronger – Kanye West (from the album Graduation)
  7. Can You Believe – Robin Thicke (from the album The Evolution of Robin Thicke)
  8. Dreaming With A Broken Heart – John Mayer (from the album Continuum)
  9. The Way I Are – Timbaland feat. Kerri Hilson (from the album Timbaland Presents Shock Value)
  10. Bubbly – Colbie Caillat (from the album Coco)
  11. What Goes Around Comes Around – Justin Timberlake (from the album Future Sex/Lovesounds)
  12. Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5 (from the album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long)
  13. Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift (from the album Taylor Swift)
  14. Who Knew – Pink (from the album I’m Not Yet Dead)
  15. With You – Chris Brown (from the album Exclusive)
  16. Heartbreaker – Tank (from the album Sex, Love, and Pain)
  17. Over You – Daughtry (from the album Daughtry)
  18. Teach Me – Musiq Soulchild (from the album LuvanMusiq)
  19. Walk Away (Remix) – Paula deAnda feat. Dey (from the album Paula deAnda)
  20. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care) – John Legend (from the album Once Again)

While in the midst of some serious research work, I found myself exploring my Ipod and came through a list of the Top 25 Most Played Songs. Without any agenda, let me share the updated list below. So, what songs are on YOUR list?

1. Apologize – Timbaland feat. One Republic

2. Go On Girl – Neyo

3. Wait For You – Elliott Yamin

4. With You – Chris Brown

5. Hate That I Love You – Neyo feat. Rihanna

6. So Sick – Neyo

7. Love In This Club – Usher feat. Young Jeezy

8. Everything – Michael Buble

9. Stronger – Kanye West

10. Always On Your Side – Sheryl Crow and Sting

11. I Stay In Love – Mariah Carey

12. The Way I Are – Timbaland feat. Kerri Hilson

13. Seasons of Love – Stevie Wonder and the Cast of RENT

14. What Goes Around Comes Around – Justin Timberlake

15. Migrate – Mariah carey feat. T Pain

16. Sexyback – Justin Timberlake

17. Black Horse and The Cherry Tree – KT Tunstall

18. Be Without You – Mary J Blige

19. Hold On – Wilson Phillips

20. Waiting On The World To Change – John Mayer

21. Baby – Pharell feat. Nelly

22. Until The Ennd of Time – Justin Timberlake feat. Beyonce

23. Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna

24. Tatoo – Jordin Sparks

25. Dreaming With A Broken Heart – John Mayer

Personal Mushy/Sad Songlist

After all the work’s been done last night, I was once again toying with my Ipod. I managed to create a new playlist. I named it Personal List of the Saddest Songs in the World. Let me share the list with you. Feel free to comment if you know the songs:

1. Take Me I’ll Follow by Bobby Caldwell – This song reminds me of a very good friend who died at a very young age. This was one of her favorite songs. Nevertheless, the song is really gloomy on its own. You really get to feel the loneliness and quiet desperation of the person singing it. It feels as if the this song is from someone who has tried so hard all his life to belong and get people to love him for what he is. And when he finally meets that person, he is unable to let that person go. It could function as a sad song about friendship, love, a farewell ode to a dying friend or relative, and so much more. It gets you in a sullen mood, really.

2. I’ll Be Over You by Toto – This is the ultimate broken hearted song for guys! Haha! There has been a point in my life where every lyric of this 80’s song meant so much to me—a time in my life when I totally related to the song. Well, those were the days. Thank God, times have changed.)

3. Angel by Sarah Mclachlan – Here’s the deal. One moment inside your room, well into the dead of night. The lights are all off and it is just the gloomy, starless, moonlit sky that gives light to your small corner in the world. Listen to this song and you’ll go crazy! I tried it once a few years ago. I actually cried for no apparent reason! The song really gets you in an eerie, sort of ethereal kind of way. Sarah Mclachlan is really one talented woman!

4. Walang Kapalit (No Substitute) by Rey Valera – This is the ultimate Filipino song about unrequited love. It functions like a stubborn kundiman. It has been covered by contemporary singers several times in the past but it is perhaps the original version that one really gets to feel the full emotional impact of this song. It is the only song from Rey Valera that I have learned to appreciate over time. He is indeed a talented singer albeit a better songwriter.

5. Kiss The Rain by Billie Myers – This sad and angst-ridden song came from a one hit wonder British songstress. This song is about a long distance relationship that has gone sour. The premise may be corny, but the strength of Myers’ voice and the sheer soulfulness of the song won this writer over. It reminds me so much of my senior high school days.

6. A Love That Will Never Grow Old by Emmylou Harris – It is the theme song of one very controversial movie way back in 2003. This was also the first time that I heard Harris sing. Her voice is really one of a kind. Introspective in spite of being old fashioned, soulful with a country twist as if she is already channeling Dolly Parton. I can probably relate this song with my grandmother’s love for my grandfather who had already passed decades ago.

7. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac – This is perhaps one of the best written songs in the history of music! It talks about loss, loneliness, uncertainty, and even emptiness. Ironically, these are things that I am so not feeling right now. Hehe..:)

8. Somewhere, Somehow by Michael W Smith and Amy Grant – This 90’s song is a farewell ode to a loved one who is about to leave for a distant place. It is mushy in the mushiest sense of the word. This can probably function as a song for overseas workers as these unsung heroes leave their loved ones behind for greener pastures abroad. Truly, one of the saddest experiences in the world is finding yourself in a foreign land, away from loved ones and from home. Amy Grant is really good in this song, too.

9. I Can’t Make You Love Me by George Michael – The original is from Bonnie Raitt but I like the George Michael version better since it is from a man’s point of view. I have the live version in my Ipod and I really love how George Michael effectively emotes the powerful lyrics of this song. The first time I listened to this song was when I was making my final term paper for my Social Anthropology class back in college. It was close to midnight and I tuned in to Wave 89.1 when the song started playing. I was hooked. I even had to call the radio station to ask the disc jockey on board about the song’s title so that I can immediayely download it. I’ve never stopped liking it eversince. It’s real sad and it’s real good, too. Get the picture?

10. My Love by Westlife – Boygroup? Hehehehe. The vocals are admittedly mediocre but the lyrics of the song is totally something else. It mixes feelings of nostalgia, sweetness, longing,and even impending doom. It is a song about a loved one’s departure but at the same time, a hopeful expectation of a sweet reunion sometime in the very distant future.

11. Sa Kanya (To Her?) by Ogie Alcasid – Another hopelessly romantic track on a failed but stubborn love. They say Filipino men are cheesy? Well, cheesy is an understatement! This is probably the direct opposite of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.”

12. Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile by Warren Zevon – This is a true to life ode to the fleeting life of all men as the singer wrote this song and finished his last album after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. It is quite admirable and compelling to know the story on how Zevon managed to run against ime to finish the last album of his long career as a folk and rock musician. This song, the last track in his farewell Cd called “The Wind”, is his formal goodbye to his loved ones. He dies several months after.

13. Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer – The title of the song couldn’t put it any better. This is like a 21st century update of Toto’s “I’ll Be Over You”. John Mayer lends his songwriting and vocal skills to create a song that is emotional, soulful, mushy, and gritty all at the same time.

14. Lately by Stevie Wonder – This is a man’s sad ode to a cheating wife or girlfriend yet he loves the woman so much that he just finds it hard to let go. And so, he renders a last ditch attempt through this excellent lovesong to salvage a faltering relationship that is being torn apart by dishonesty.It’s an all too familiar story but the song drives home its point straight into the heart of the listener.

15. Separated by Usher – A mushy song at its corniest, Thank heavens that it is saved by Usher’s lovely rendition which made the song a tearful, soulful, and tender pop ballad about accepting the fact that two people are really not meant to be with each other and that moving on apart is the only bitter pill. Listen to this song while driving inside the car on the streets of Metro Manila and surely, you’ll forget the cacophony of noises outside. Trust me.

16. Anyone Who Had a Heart by Luther Vandross – Another song about unrequited love. This song is at its desperate and helpless best and Vandross’ vocals are just excellent.

17. Home by Michael Buble – This is probably the song of an artist who is on tour around the world but at the same time, missess the love of his life badly. The song is tender and raw, the lyrics are heartfelt and aptly written, and Buble achieves a career high with this song. Personally, it is also a song that I listen to to be able to doze off on a sleepless night.

18. Steep by Lauren Christy – My good friend Pia loves this song so much. I don’t really know why. Maybe it reminds her of someone. Haha! 🙂 Christy’s vocals are thick and melodious. It has vulnerability and conviction. Moreover, her voice allows for introspection – a rarity for female voocalists in this day and age when good singing seems to be equated with having an impressive vocal range (Mariah, Celine, Christina, and all those people are just a pain the eardrums sometimes).

19. If I Was The One by Ruff Endz – This underrated rhythm and blues group manages to upstage the great Luther Vandross in this song about falling in love with your bestfriend’s significant other. I personally have never been in such a situation but I can only imagine how hard the circumstances could be for someone who is. Anyyway, this song was sung in perfect soulful harmony and is actually a gloomy ear pleaser, if there’s such a thing.

20. Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban – I just like the grit and rawness of this song, it’s as if the singer was really drunk and wasted when he sung this song. Gotta love as well the piano performance in this track which is actually, the real soul of this country ballad.

Click on this link to listen to a few of the songs listed and some others…enjoy!




Up next: Choices for the happiest songs in the world (or at least my world 🙂 ) ….