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Last Friday was my 30th birthday. There were a lot of firsts last Friday.
Since I only/already turned 30, it was my first birthday in the line of 3. Hehe.
It was also the first time that I was greeted by approximately 198 people thru Facebook, SMS, or in person. That’s a blessing 🙂
It was the first time that my mom was not around on my birthday as she’s already in heaven. It’s particularly strange and anti-climactic to be celebrating a special day without the presence of a loved one. Even my eldest sister verbalized that over family dinner last Friday. I realized it wasn’t just me. The entire family was feeling the void of my mother’s absence.
For the first time ever since I started celebrating birthdays (a Filipino tradition), last Friday was particularly striking because emotions were mixed and admittedly, I felt that there was a lot of ambiguity in the air. I felt happy and sad at the same time. There was hope and uncertainty as well. I felt that I was living life on the fast lane but at the same time needed some sort of recharge. I thank God for this facility in Antipolo City where I could just spend some quiet time, which I got to do the whole day yesterday.
The Lord gave me a very special message this morning. On my way to work just this morning, and while playing with the dogs, I was able to gaze at my mom’s flowers just opposite the living room window. My mom loved flowers and gardening while she was still alive. And when she entered eternity, I thought that it would also just be a matter of time before her plants started withering one by one, as neither my father nor any of my mom’s children were into gardening. We could only water the plants and there’d be many days when none of us would remember watering them.
But this morning, I noticed that the plants had again flowered-and that most of them were in full bloom. My mother would always deliberately make me notice that when she was still on Earth, and she’d be very proud and happy. How she loved her plants when they started to flower.
It is different now that the plants had started to flower again. Nevertheless, the Lord did not make me dwell anymore on my mom’s absence. See, this morning He gave me a very special message.
The Lord likened the flowers to me and to our family.
“My son, look at the flowers now. They are still very much alive and beautiful even though your mother’s no longer around to attend to them. No downpour is so heavy that it could easily wash away the flowers’ beauty. No sunlight is too strong to quench and steal the life away from these plants. Because I created them, I also cultivate them. Because I created them, I also nurture them and take care of them—because I love them.
“My son, you thought the flowers bloomed in the past only because your mom was busy taking care of them. You thought that the plants only managed to show signs of life because they depended on your mother’s care and nurturing. BUT the truth is, the plants only flowered because THEY DEPENDED ON ME. I am the One who gives them life. I am the One who makes them flower. Your mom was just an extension of the love, care, and nurturing that ultimately comes from ME.”
“And not anyone’s absence or presence can stop me from pouring out my love. Will it be too much if I let you start this week and your 30th year by reminding you of how much I love you?”
–Thank you, God Immanuel.

Hi Everyone!

The reason why I’m posting is to share a song I heard over the net just a week ago. I can’t get it out of my system because I was so blessed by the song. Maybe some of you would be interested to hear it as well. The song is from a contemporary gospel band called Tenth Avenue North. The title is Beyond Words. I like the song so much because it talks about the love of God for each one of us in profoundly human terms. From the time that I became a Christian when I was 14 years old and into my backsliding college days and into my turbulent early twenties, up until late 2006 when the Lord wretched me from a life of senselessness and self destruction, I still cannot comprehend until now the magnitude of His love for us. I remembered one preaching from a female pastor where she mentioned that God is a God of a thousand kisses.I couldn’t agree more. Going back to the song, it is just so amazing how the Lord, in His holiness and greatness, can pour out so much love for us. He is the God of all but is also a very personal God at the same time. He is not only a God when we are gathered together and singing songs of praise and worship, but He is also God when we struggle with everyday issues about work, family,and even relationships. He is Lord not only when we work for the ministry and His church, but He is also the Lord who is our Potter – molding our character into one that truly pleases Him.He is not only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is also Immanuel who deals with us when we fall astray. When I was listening to the song for the first few times, I really cold not help but cry. How can such a great God love me so stubbornly? What does He see in me that He loves me with a love that I can never repay- not even in my wildest dreams?

I can only be thankful. Let me share with you the lyrics and the link (Imeem) where you can listen to the song in full. God bless and everyone!

Beyond Words by Tenth Avenue North

Well if you only knew the pain that I’ve been through

Since when did it become all about you

As you can see right from the start I’ve said the truth

But if the truth means nothing to you then what am I supposed to do?

But I’ll still love you beyond what words can say

I’ll take your every suffering moment and bring a better day

And I’ll still love you more than what I hope to be

Let me wrap my arms around you Let me take your breath away

And every time I ask you assure you’re doing fine But your heart looks good by smiling, you couldnt fool mine

And by the end of the night your pillow seeps to dry

In a crowded room you’re singing

But on the inside, you sigh

But I’ll still love you beyond what words can say

I’ll take your every suffering moment and bring a better day

I’ll still love you more then what I hope to be

Let me wrap my arms around you

Let me take your breath away

In a ball a pair is dancing

In a forest there are trees

In a child there is a hope that keeps him in belief

With any star there is a sky

With any beach there is a sea

With any love song there’s a lover

but in your heart i hope its….(me)

And I’ll still love you beyond what words can say

I’ll take your every suffering moment and bring a better day

I’ll still love you more then what I hope to be

Let me wrap my arms around you

Let me wrap my arms around you

Let me wrap my arms around you

Let me take your breath away

Listen to the full song by clicking the link below: http://www.imeem.com/atcorporate/music/S1duVQ-K/10th_avenue_north_beyond_words/

People pray for pain to go away. Others get their relief in no time. However, others struggle with pain their whole lives.

People pray for material and financial providence to meet life’s daily necessities. Some are rescued and alleviated from the depths. Still, others remain impoverished and financially challenged.

People pray for a special person to enter their lives and sweep them off their feet. Others find themselves meeting that person and settling down after a few years. Others remain alone for the length of their lives.

People pray for physical healing. Others are healed. But sometimes, even though we keep on praying, the people who matter the most still die.

Sometimes, hanging on to the promises of the Bible isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes faith to come before God and lay down our petition. Moreover, it takes a giant leap of faith to believe that God would grant us what we ask for. But most of all, it sometimes takes all the faith in the world to still trust in God if it seems that He is not hearing our prayers at all.

If there’s a promise given to us to ask anything in His name and it shall be given to you, what does it mean if God is saying NO? Was the promise just a joke? An overblown press release? A tease?

God answers our prayers. Sometimes, it’s obvious that His answer is a resounding YES. In other instances, He tells us to WAIT. But, God also has the option to say NO.

What does it mean when God denies our petitions? What does it mean if He says NO?

1. God sees the BIGGER PICTURE.

Suppose a 14 year old boy asks his father the keys to the car because he thinks that he is old enough to drive along the  thoroughfares of EDSA. Knowing that his son may meet an accident and lose his life, coupled by the young boy’s immaturity and shortsightedness, his father would obviously say no.

As in the case above, God says no to protect us. He sees the bigger picture. We don’t. He sees what lies in the future for everyone. We don’t.

2. God has BETTER PLANS.

My sister always prays for financial providence and guidance. Indeed, being buried in debt and providing for one’s children can be a daunting task and a huge stressor. At times, we focus our prayers on one specific result – and that result is for God to grant and for us to receive. We’re wrong.

While God can make it possible for an envelope full of cold cash to come by the doorstep of my sister’s house the next day, or a phone call telling her that she has won 5 million Pesos in the lottery, these are not the only solutions that God could think of.

Instead, God may grant a job promotion. Or He may lessen the expenses by preventing family members from getting sick. He may extend help through a generous and selfless family member, friend, or relative. He may bless one of your kids with intelligence and talent that can assure him/her with a schlarship to continue his/her education. Truly, God’s options are endless. It is His work, His ways, and His proper time that prevails.

3. God has  a GREATER PURPOSE.

Christian Adams was a 32 year old Sunday School teacher from the United States. He boarded United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California on September 11, 2001. He never got there.

United Flight 93 was one of the four planes used bu hijackers in the terrorist attack of 9/11. However, it was the only plane that did not reach its target – the White House or The Capitol Building. This was because the passengers worked hard, at the final moments of their lives, to thwart the plan of the hijackers. Adams was one of these passengers. Before the plane crashed, he phoned a loved one for the last time. He had a wife and 2 young children.

While his wife had sure prayed and wished that her children would grow up with a father, the events of 9/11 changed everything. 

While it may be true that Adams was a victim of an evil crime against humanity, he left a legacy of selflessness and patriotism that will never be put to waste. Though his children would grow up without his physical presence, the life led by their father would always shine upon them – giving them hope and inspiration. Adams understood that losing life is a part of life. A fairly recent interview from his wife proved to be a testament that she too understood this now more than ever. 

Indeed, when God says no to our prayers, it shouldn’t be taken to mean that He has forsaken us. He just has something bigger, better, and something far greater in store for us. We should consider it a privelege and a test of faith to still be able to follow him even if His answer is NO.

For in our short pilgrimage in this world, we can be sure that He knows better. And it couldn’t be more thrilling!