Hey everyone!

Yes I know. I have a rather somber title to this blog. But the topic of my first entry is a little less noble. Haha! šŸ™‚ But I hope that whoever is reading will enjoy it just the same. The topic says it all, doesn’t it?

I’ve always been a food monster. I save on new clothes, new shoes, and new gadgets but there has never been a time in my life that I deprived myself on food (that is if you count out prayer and fasting hehehe).

Anyway, i have been on vacation mode since Saturday (16 August) and will not come back for work until Thursday (21 August). Envy me all you yuppies!

In between reading and working on my graduate thesis, I have plenty of time to search around for great food choices – from the fancy to the mundane streetfood. Here are my pleasure-filled adventures so far:

1. Mahn Hahn – It is their Trinoma branch that I frequent. Gotta love their sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli, and crispy lechon macau! The Yang Chow rice is also tasty and delicious. I prefer this Chinese restaurant more than say, David’s Tea House or Superbowl of China. Their dessert of sweets is also not to be missed. The only trouble is that you always have to queue for a table before you are served. Nevermind. The food is well worth the wait. Moderately priced too!

2. Kipp’s Chicken – They have a branch located at the SM North Edsa foodcourt. Word of caution though, everything from Kipp’s is rather oily and not for those who are hypertensive. Nevertheless, the fried chicken is very delectable and the gravy is creamy – a perfect match for the Spanish (margarine) rice that accompanies each order of Chicken. Their fried chicken is juicy and is marinated well. Nevermind though the burgers and pasta. Just concentrate on the chicken – crispy, tasty, and quite affordable! I’ve had this long affair with Kipp’s Chicken since my high school days.

3. Savory Chicken – Maxx’s Fried Chicken and Kenny Roger’s Roasters would be put to shame if you compare their fried chicken with Savory. My Savory branch is the one at the lower ground floor of Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. Actually, it is the only reason why I still frequent that forgotten mall. Their chicken is tender and cooked to perfection. It is perfectly combined with fried rice or pancit canton and you get a gastronomical feast that is both filling and quite affordable. If you areĀ alone or inĀ a small group, they have set meals that are priced from PHP100 to PHP165. It comes with chicken, noodles, or other specialties like spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, calamares, or pancit canton. Everything here is really superb!

4. Snackaroo – The original branch is located in Judge Jimenez Street in Quezon City but there’s also one in Matalino Street, Diliman, QC. Although poorply ventilated, Snackaroo offers the best T Bone in the land! Prime Beef, cooked well done and never burnt, this is perfect with plain rice and drinks. You can even specify if you want something that is pure meaty or, for the younger and less health conscious, one that has generous amounts of fat. hahaha! They also serve excellent beef caldereta. Truly filling and the steak, I must say, is incomparable!

5. Cocoy Grill – If you’re into Beef Pares and Beef Mami, then I would surely recommend this Pares House located at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. While also working as a sauna room for it’s poor ventilation, Cocoy offers the best Beef Pares in the city and at a very affordable price. It is perfectly combined with fried rice that is overdosed with garlic bits. The beef wanton mami is also not to be missed. This is the place where you can eat to your heart;s content without shelling out too much. Try it!

6. Cho Nam Panciteria – Located at the heart of Quiapo in Old Manila, this is probably the dirtiest place that I’ve ver been to where, to my surprise, offers the best rice toppings in town. Their specialties include Lechon Rice, which is actually several slices of crispy fried pork mixed in a hearty bowl of rice and vegetables. very filling for less than PHP100. You may also want to try their Chop Suey Rice and Beef Rice, all reasonably priced at below PHP100. Pancit Miki Bihon and their sweet and wour fish specialties, while taking longer to prepare, are also well worth a try. The place though is definitely not a date spot! haha!

7. Wai Ying – This Chinese restaurant in Binondo, Manila feels as if you’re in the busy streets of Hong Kong during the middle part of the twentieth century. This place offers the best dumplings and dimsum. Siomai is really authentic, with pork and shrimp inside, unlike those in fastfood chains which are rather forgettable and expensive. Wai Ying is in Benavidez Street, a bust joint right in the heart of Chinatown. Everything here is authentic Chinese and the best thing is that it is served in generous portions albeit without a single touch of fancy. Soy Chicken, Peking Duck, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Chicken Feet, and sweet and sour dishes are also must tries.

8. Senor Pedro Lechon Manok and Liempo – Move over Andok’s and Baliwag. Senor Pedro is the new king of Lechon Manok and Liempo! They serve chicken and pork that is marinated to perfection is also grilled in a very efficient manner, unlike in Baliwag or Andok’s where the grilling most of the time results to chicken/pork that is dry and burnt. Senor Pedro, on the other hand, offers chicken that is really juicy and truly delectable. The lechon liempo, on the other hand, is also juicy and the pork skin – crispy! Another thing that sets Senor Pedro apart is that you are not given liver sauce together with your pork or chicken. Instead you are given soy sauce with vinegar and chilli pepper. Yummy! It is also pleasing to note that the price is a few Pesos lower compared to Baliwag or Andok’s. Truly a better alternative! My favorite branch is located near the Iglesia ni Cristo Church in Lagro, Quezon City.

9. Una Sikat pares House – Unforgettable sizzling bulalo steak with fried rice (and coke!) ! This spacious pares house is located in Anonas, Quezon City. Again, this delicacy is not for those who have hypertension or heart disease. make sure to do some brisk walking right after your meal! hehe.

10. Tong Yang Hot Pot – This is a great place for all you can eat endeavors, perfect for a group of friends who are also voracious eaters! Everything here is great as well. You are provided a hotpot and a grill around it where you can put everything that you deem appetizing – seafood, squid balls, pork, beef slices, fresh veggies and seaweeds, fish cutlets….as in everything! They also serve bottomless iced tea and unlimited rice. Costing at PHP495 per meal, this is perfect for birthday treats and family celebrations. be sure though to bring an extra shirt (no kidding) as the aroma of the food would literally follow you wherever you go. They have a branch in Quezon Avenue, just right before Delta Theater.

11. Hotshots Burger – I love this burger joint! Here is where the burger really tastes like pure beef. The patty itself is thick and the dips for the fries are are also delicious. My favorite is the crispy burger bacon melt. No other burger joint int he world can compare with Hotshots! My favorite branch is located in Glorietta Mall, Makati City.