I love to travel! But before ever leaving the Philippines to see what the world has to offer, I’d like to be sure that I did not miss anything from the many beautiful places worth visiting in my native land. I’ve been to several destinations so far, yet I still have so many places to see. This year, I plan to visit at least two more destinations. If only I have the means, I’d leave Metro Manila on a weekly basis. Ha!

Here are a few pictures and notes of the great Philippine destinations that I had so far visited. In spite of the many obstacles and problems of this country, it is still a glaring fact that God truly blessed the Philippines.

1. Ilocos Norte – History, Beaches, and Nature Trails Combined. Must sees are Saud Beach, The Blue Lagoon, Paoay Church, Burgos Lighthouse, Kaibigan Falls, Malacanang of the North, Fort Ilocandia, and many more churches and natural sceneries. Superb province! (See first 18 pictures below)

2. Sagada, Mountain Province – This place is just so tranquil and majestic. The many fascinating views and walks that you can take from your hotel are nothing but a great feast for the eyes. Culture and nature combined – great cool weather too. Everything is just worth seeing – the rice terraces, the hanging coffins, the wondrous falls, the impressive church, everything!

3. Boracay – Need i say more? Boracay is JUST the BEST BEACH IN THE WORLD! Whitest sand, best nightlife, clearest waters,a tastiest food…what more can you ask for?


To be continued….